The Texas panhandle is a region filled with unique stories, landmarks, and culture. Hidden away in small towns, ghost towns, and back roads are some of our greatest treasures.

For instance, there's a very special museum hidden in plain sight in Canadian, TX. Recently, an associate professor at WT and the mural team did a mural there.

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What Is The Citadelle Museum In Canadian, TX?

The Citadelle Art Museum in Canadian, TX has a pretty interesting history. Originally, the building was a Baptist church. In 1910, it was built as the First Baptist Church. In the 50s it was bought by the Church of Christ, and then in the 70s it became vacant.

That was until 1977.

The Citadelle Art Foundation via YouTube
The Citadelle Art Foundation via YouTube

It was bought by a family, the Abrahams, and so begins the story of the Citadelle Art Museum.

Paintings, Murals, Sculptures, And Gardens At The Citadelle

The museum is more than just "old stuff" on display. It is a collection of art in all forms. There is a gallery that hosts exhibitions, beautiful gardens, a sculpture garden, "the ruins" where murals are put on display.

The Citadelle Art Foundation via YouTube
The Citadelle Art Foundation via YouTube

Every square foot of the property is devoted to beautiful art in one form or another.

WTA&M Mural Team And The Citadelle Art Museum

The Citadelle regularly features exhibitions and mural artists. Recently, they invited the WTA&M Mural Squad to do a piece in "The Ruins."

The mural team is headed up by Jon "Jon The Lion" Revett, a prolific local artist and Associate Professor of Art at WTA&M. The piece is an original of his inspired by the Canadian River.

The Citadelle Art Museum In Canadian, TX Worth The Trip?

Yes, especially if you're a fan of art in its many forms. The Citadelle points out that the works of art they seek out are more than just beautiful. They seek out pieces "...that represent human effort in its finest moments."

You can find out more about The Citadelle Art Museum by checking out their website, or by keeping up with them on social media.

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