I know, I couldn't believe it either when I read that Xcel is giving away free electricity.  I mean who couldn't use some free electricity especially in the summertime when the AC is running all the time.  So what's the catch?

Xcel Energy has launched the Volt of Knowledge Game on their facebook page.  All you have to do is log onto their page and like it then start the Volt of Knowledge Trivia game.


Answer 3 trivia questions and you will be entered to win a year's worth of Free Electricy for a Year which is a $1,000 check.

Hmmm, I don't know about you but I think my electric bill equals to more than $1,000 per year.

But hey, free electricity is free electricity right?

So the Grand Prize winner will receive a $1,000 check and seven other lucky people will receive a check for $100 to cover a month's worth of electricity.

So Xcel is giving you  a chance to win free electricity and also learn more about electricity.  Hop onto their facebook page today to start playing.  You can play once per week through September 3rd.


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