Santa is coming early to my house, as The Beatles release a 50th anniversary edition of the legendary "White Album."

I have been buying Beatles records since the first night, I saw them on the Ed Sullivan show. I remember clearly, standing in line to buy the "White Album" when it came out in 1968. So why do I need to buy it again?

There are a couple of options for Fab Four fans, including one that comes with 6CDs and a Blu-ray disk. The record has been remixed for stereo and a 5.1 mix. There is an entire disk of acoustic demos that were done at George Harrison's house prior to recording at Abbey Road. It also comes with a stereo mix, the official mono mix, and about an hour of outtakes.

It doesn't matter than I have still have the original vinyl album I bought, or the first CD issue, or the 2009 CD remix issue. This is new and I have to have it. I know of a lot of people, who call this their favorite Beatles album. If you never owned it at all, this is time to get into it.

The official release is November 9, 2018. After that, we'll all wait for next year's 50th anniversary of Abbey Road and I'll buy that one too!

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