I'll admit I laughed at this, I laughed hard.  I know it isn't nice to laugh but I just couldn't help it.  It is nice to know that in all their splendor and glory models still fall flat on their faces. 

I'm surprised this clip isn't longer especially with some of the shoes these models have to wear.

Have you ever tripped and fallen in public?  Did people laugh at you?  How did you handle it?

I'll admit I have almost fallen in public before (falling and busting my behind on a bowling lane doesn't count.  I was with co-workers), it happened in Wal-Mart.

It was one of the rainy days back during Spring.  I had my flip-flops on and I was in the milk area.  Apparently, the ceiling had been leaking and had yet to be marked wet floor.  Well I'm walking to get my milk, hit the wet spot and my feet flew out from under me.  Luckily, a big giant box filled with individual snack cups of Nutter Butters broke my fall.  Yay!

The people across the aisles eyes were popped wide open.  However, none of them laughed at my expense and just asked if I was OK.

You know how in Walmart you can never find help when you need it.  Just as I fell I was swarmed with about 4 Walmart workers.  Lawsuit stoppers is what I called it.  LOL!

Anyway I had a bruise the length of my forearm on my forearm for about 3 weeks but that was it.  I'm sure the workers at Walmart had a great time watching the security footage of me falling over and over again.

Somewhere in a sick twisted world that footage is probably on the The People of Walmart website.

HMMMM...maybe I shouldn't have laughed at the falling models.



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