Every four years it happens. We get an extra day in February. This year happens to be one of those Leap Years. We get our extra day on Saturday. Leap Day has not fallen on a Saturday since 1992.

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It' been 28 years in the making for that perfect storm. So Miller Lite wants to help make this Leap Day extra special for everyone. They want to help with providing us the beer for our celebration.

credit: Miller Lite Twitter Page
credit: Miller Lite Twitter Page

Miller Lite is celebrating this extra day by giving us Miller Time. They want us to all have a free case (24 beers) on them. Yes, this is true.

All you have to do is buy the case and send them your receipt. They will refund the cost to your Paypal Account. How great does this sound?

So Saturday is the day. Everyone go out and enjoy the high life by getting to partake in the deliciousness that is free beer. Everything seems to taste better when it is free. Am I right?

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