In life I guess the only guarantees would be death and taxes? I mean that is what we have always been told. We have come to believe that in 2020 we need more of a guarantee than that.

What is the rest of the year going to look like? I mean the first half has shown us nothing but delays, postponements and cancellations. That doesn't make anyone feel very confident about anything.

West Texas A&M University wants to take some of the guess work out of the upcoming school semester. You may be on the fence about registering. We still are not 100 percent sure how everything is going to line up. How are classes going to look? Well it is good to hear that WT doesn't want you to wait any longer to register. I mean you know what happens when you wait for classes. You miss out on the ones you need.

Here is where WT is here to help with their Buff Guarantee. I think it sounds pretty full proof now. If you go ahead and register and for whatever reason you decide this upcoming semester is not for you. You don't have to worry. They will refund 100 percent of your tuition, books and fees. You won't be out a penny. I mean who else gives you that? Nobody.

The only catch. If you call it that. You have to make your decision to withdraw before August 23rd. So nothing really to worry about. You have up until the day before the semester starts to decide this is not the semester you had planned on.

So go ahead and make that decision to get registered. You have nothing to fear.

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