We are an age of people who would rather order out dinner than go home and cook it. So how much money are you throwing away?

There was a study done by "Forbes" magazine and they say it's about 5 times what it would cost you to make it yourself.

On average a dinner at a restaurant runs about $20.37, which includes a delivery fee. If you made the same thing at home it would run you about $4.31. So that is a whopping $16 difference. Which is A LOT!

So think about this....if you order delivery just 3 times I week, it will cost you about $48 more a week than cooking at home. That math comes out to about $200 a month, and that is for just one person.

According to the study the food with the biggest markups include spaghetti with meat sauce, $21 compared to about $3 at home. Another huge markup is chicken wings, $20 compared to close to $2 per person if you take the time to make them at home.

It's nice to order out every once in a while....but try to cut it down to maybe once a week. Make it a reward for a hard week of work. Your wallet and your health will thank you.

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