Let's face it, we live in a city where people obviously do not know how to drive.  I mean just look at how many wrecks happen here on a daily basis.  It is crazy. We all have to take drivers ed and a test to get your driver's license.  It doesn't matter how long ago it was that the class was taken, we were taught the fundamentals of driving, so how is it that half the population of Amarillo has forgotten how to drive.  Here's a list of the thing Amarillo drivers do that drive us crazy.


People who stop in a regular lane to turn because the turning lane is full.

Stop doing this, it seems the biggest culprit of this is near 45th and Bell.  I see it nearly every day.  The turning lane is full of people turning left on 45th, but there is that one person who wants into Arby's or the cleaners that just has to turn, so they stop in the main lane and block the flow of traffic.  Seriously stop doing this, go up the street and turn around.  It will take you a lot less time, and you won't risk causing a wreck this way.

People who pull out in front of you knowing full well you are going way to fast to slow down safely.

People I know when you are turning onto a busy street sometimes you just have to use your best judgement and pull out when you can.  But seriously hit the gas.  You cannot pull out in front of someone and go 20 mph.  Breaks get slammed on, and you run the risk of getting hit from behind.

Stopping on the On Ramp

DO NOT DO THIS.  I cannot begin to say that enough.  You just cannot come to a complete stop on the on ramp.  It's dangerous and it is a great way to kill people.  If you are to timid to merge with traffic don't take the interstates.  When someone is pulling onto an on ramp they are building up speed and when you stop they have to stop quickly.  Stop doing this, you know who you are, just stop it.

Not Using Your Turn Signals

Your turn signals were put on the car for a reason.  Use them.  I don't know how many times I have been trying to pull out onto 34th from our parking lot and there is a car directly across from me and doesn't have their blinker on.  I'm not a mind reader, I can't tell what direction you are turning. Nine times out of 10 you nearly run into me because we are going the same direction. Plus if you are driving down the streets and change lane signaling after you change lanes it's too late.

Stopping Completely to Turn

Please, please, please, stop coming to a near stop when you are turning.  You don't have to stop.  Slowing down, yes, but don't come to a almost complete stop or stop.  It wreaks havoc on the people behind you.

Elderly Drivers

Amarillo is full of elderly drivers, however, most of them should not be driving. At all.  Not only do they drive 20 mph under the speed limit, they tend to swerve in and out of their lanes.   They all seem to drive in the 34th and Bell area.  You can always spot them on the road.

Not Yielding on the Access roads. 

This has to be one of the worst things, you are coming off the interstate and you see the car.  The car on the access road who has the yield sign, but you notice that they aren't slowing down.  You are going a a high rate of speed and are slowing down, but you shouldn't have to slam on your breaks because this guy blew through a yield sign.  If you are on the access road, you yield, not the person on the on ramp.  I don't care if you are in the far lane, most of the time the person coming off the ramp needs in that lane.

Two Lane Highways - Just move over to the shoulder and let them pass

When you are traveling in the area away from the main city you find yourself on two lane highways.  Don't block traffic if you aren't going fast.  Yes, they may not be able to pass because of oncoming traffic, but you can be nice and pull over into the shoulder to let them pass.  It makes people happy and less road ragey.  Then once they are around you, pull back into the lane.  Same thing goes for turning on those roads.

Not Going when the Light Turns Green in the Turning Lane

People if you are the first car in the turning lane at an intersection, pay attention.  If you are distracted and you wait 10 seconds to get through the line, you have already ticked off 15 people behind you.

Drivers Who Block the Do Not Block Intersections

They have those signs posted for a reason.  Don't block the intersection.  Just don't do it.

On another note, don't try to cross three lanes of traffic pulling of one of those residential areas.  They leave it open for a reason but it is more for those turning right rather than left.  I have seen way to many people t-boned.  You cannot see the traffic coming, so it's better to be safe than sorry just wait for the traffic to clear.  By all means don't let the people in the other cars tell you it's clear.  It usually isn't and BAM! you're in a wreck.

So these are a few of the thing Amarillo drivers do that drive us crazy.  What did I miss?  Let me know.


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