Did you run in the Insane Inflatable 5K last time it was in Amarillo? It has been 3 years since the event bounced into town and it will be back again on April 18th. Held at John Stiff Memorial Park, Insane Inflatable is a fun and dynamic 5K, made up solely of inflatable obstacles. It will challenge you, surprise you, and leave you bouncing back for more! If you wanted to know more about the event before you sign up to run, here are 5 things you need to know:

It Is Not Your Typical 5K Race

Yes, technically it is a 5K since the course is a total of 3.1 miles. But this isn't a race that you need to train for. Think of John Stiff park filled with crazy inflatable obstacles, slides, bouncers. It is a no pressure race, meaning you go at your own pace and you have FUN! So I encourage you to not think of this as a "race," but a fun day in the park.

What Are The Real Deal On These Inflatables?

The real deal is that these inflatables are awesome and huge! At the start finish is the "Let's Go Slide." This thing is like 2 stories tall and an awesome way to get the race going. Then there is the Ball Maze - this massive structure at 70 feet long will push you to your limits, but don’t be afraid to jump through. The Mattress Run - make one wrong step and you’ll be laying down laughing on this mattress! The Mattress Run challenges your balance and agility as you make your way across a huge mattress filled with ankle-loving holes. We don't want to spoil all the obstacles, however we will tell you that there are 11 fun-filled areas in total.

The Race Was Born On Bar Napkins

We like to say the Insane Inflatable 5K was born on the back of bar napkins, because, well, that’s the truth! Those napkins were the sketch-pad from which dreams came to life one night in a bar. It’s unclear how inflatables even came up in conversation or how many beers had been consumed at the time, but the resulting inflatables are so gigantic we couldn't believe our own eyes!

Is This Event For Adults Only?

Nope. This event is open to everyone. Yes there will be a kids course too, but as long as your are 42" or taller, the big course is open to anyone. Remember, the whole goal of this day is to have fun. So grab the whole family, heck even grandma, and bring the whole crew out.

What If I Want to Just Watch. Is There More Than Just A Race?

If you want to be a spectator, then just come on down and watch. Along with the race, there will be a midway area at the start finish line area with kids activities, live DJs and music, food, beverages, and more. It's a big ol party day!

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