Walking out to a cold snowy and icy car in the morning, is one of my least favorite things. The scraping and clearing experience can go much faster, if you are prepared!

There are somethings you should keep in your vehicle during the winter and most can be found in the auto store near you.

1. A Good Brush- I tried to keep the same brush for ten years, but they wear out. A good brush can make that first pass on your snowy windshield.

2. Ice Remover- You can buy or make some yourself with water and rubbing alcohol. They are recipes  all over the internet.. This stuff does help break up the ice, that we are scraping off, in frozen temps and it doesn't freeze in your car.

3. Change your wiper blades before winter. It will help move off the softer ice. Be sure and clear them a path, with your brush.

4. Clear the windshield- You'll be tempted to just clear off enough to see where you're going, but don't. Clean both your front and back windshields, so you can see.

5. Know your car- Mine heats up faster with the De-frosters on. Brush snow away from your lights, and make sure your exhaust pipe is free of blockage.

A little planning can you a lot time in the mornings. Good luck and enjoy the weather.

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