Let's face it, the mosquitoes are horrible this year.  With all the rain we have had, they are every where.  It never dawned on me just how many people are allergic to these tiny little beasts.  So it is important to make sure you are covered with protection when you are in the outdoors.  I found a recipe for homemade mosquito repellent and I wanted to life hack test it to see if it would work.  So here is what I found.

I know for some of us we don't want a lot of chemicals on our skin, so we try to find alternatives for mass produced products, so does the homemade mosquito repellent work better than the brand name repellent?

So what we found is the homemade repellent works just as well as the Off.  So it's your call use the store bought or make your own?

Here's what you need:

Spray Bottle
15 drops lavender oil (I found mine at Nature's Grocers)
3-4 Tbsp of vanilla extract
1/4 Cup lemon juice.

Mix all ingredients together and pour into the spray bottle. Fill bottle with water. Shake.
Use it the same way you would store bought mosquito repellent.