Christmas IS the most wonderful time of the year, but it can be very stressful as well. Shopping, cooking, and getting the house ready for family and friends can push you to your limit. We found a breathing trick you can do, to help you relax and it takes 60 seconds!

It seems to work by calming down your nervous system. When you think you're about to lose it, use it. Actual science has proved that this method works with two steps,

Step one: Breathe in through your nose. The purse you lips and do 10-15 sharp half second exhales through your mouth.

Make a "shhh" or "ffff" sound with each one. Push from your diaphragm and flex your abs with each breath.

Step two: Close your eyes, and take a series of slow breaths. Breath in deep through your nose and our your mouth. Don't let your shoulders move up and down; just let your stomach expand instead.

Do it a few times and try to slow your breathing down a little more with each breath and ...your're done! If you are really stressed, you might sound like a freight train at first, but as your breathing slows, the stress goes away.

You can do this anywhere, but try to find a quiet space if possible. Christmas is suppose to be the best time of the year and hopefully, this will help!


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