Do you find yourself eating a lot of fatty foods? I mean that has to be horrible for us, correct? I mean it is a lot of cheese and beef.

There was a new study out of Denmark that can shed some light on these discussions. With this study they have come up with the fact that cutting back on those fatty foods we all love might actually be bad for you.

Could this be true? It is if you replaced those types of foods with foods  that are high in refined starches and sugars. Those types of foods are way worse for you.

Those foods that we find to be high in fat, well they usually have a lot of other good for you stuff in them. They have more nutritious stuff that is more important for your body anyway. So when you cut out those foods you end up increasing your chance of heart disease. You also increase your chance of diabetes.

This is why a well balanced diet is always what you need to strive to maintain. A little fatty foods (especially those with the good fats, like avocados and nuts) is OK for your diet. Just eat the best stuff you can find.

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