Some of these stories I can not make up. That is what makes it so funny.

So last week was a crazy, busy week for me. Between the "Up in the Air" Balloon Rally, buying, shucking and serving 4,000 ears of corn at the Chamber BBQ. So yeah I had no extra time. The problem is it happened to be my daughter's birthday on Tuesday as well.

I took her out to dinner on Monday evening so I got to see her....she had plans with her friends on her birthday and I was good with that. She had plans to go to Dallas on Thursday for the weekend.

I had the bright idea of saying why don't you take my car to Dallas since it gets way better gas mileage. So she does.

She gives me her car.....pretty much on empty. Because of course. So I also have to fill up her tank so I can get to work.

She asked me to take care of her cat. problem. Oh, but wait she doesn't have any cat food oh and she was out of kitty litter too. Oh and mom my shower rod broke. Can you run to the store and pick me up one. I kid you busiest week ever and yeah that happened.


I know I don't have the chance to go to the store after work because my after work will be close to 9 pm for the next couple of days. So I went online to order what she needs. I local....and I do but I was in a pinch.

I get everything ordered and on the way to my house. That is when my co-worker told me that we needed to run to Market Street and Walmart to get stuff we need for the Chamber BBQ. UGH! I could have gotten all the stuff I needed for my daughter from those stores. Major fail! Poor planning on my part.

Well I go to Faith's house after a long day at work to feed cat, change her litter box and put up her shower curtain rod. Her cat also met me with an accident on her kitchen floor so there was that to clean up too.

I washed her car, filled it up with gas, filled up a low tire she had.....oh and had a friend fix an issue her car was having too.

Faith comes back in town late Sunday from her fun birthday trip to Dallas. She brought me back my car. I asked her how many miles I had until empty. Her answer? About 30. Because of course. (side note....she offered to go and get me gas right then but it is also almost midnight so of course I said no)


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