We can all agree on one thing right now...

That the cost of gas is simply too high.

No matter the reason you believe it's too high, it's the one thing we can all band together on.

Well, ALMOST all of us. Toot'n Totum's President Greg Mitchell feels otherwise about the situation.

At least that's what this snippet flying around Facebook would lead you to believe.

It's a bold and gusty statement for someone to make, particularly a businessman in the time of unprecedented economic upheaval and inflation. That's when I started to ask myself when the heck did Mitchell say this? I've got to see this with my own eyes--particularly if he says he was misquoted, as the smaller text in the above graphic states.

Boy, what a rabbit hole I found myself down.

A little bit of googling and clicking led me to find that Mitchell's supposed statement was made some time around September 1, 2005. That's nearly 20 years ago.

And apparently, Mitchell has ruffled feathers even back then. At least that's the message I get while perusing this website that details the initial debacle, areyousuccessful.net

From what I gather, if I am to follow this website's account, this supposedly started when Mitchell did an interview with KGNC for a morning show segment wherein he supposedly made his shocking statement (reminiscent of the ill-fated Marie Antoinette's "Let them eat cake") and an outraged chain of emails soon followed.

Now, I encourage you to visit the website and read for yourself because I will stab myself in the eye if I have to try and do a play-by-play of the entire 2005 fiasco, dear reader.

Essentially, Mitchell insists that his initial statement was made in reference of those who criticize his success.

And here's what the media outlet who did the interview with Mitchell stand by:


There's a couple of questionable mix-ups in logic that I see from both sides as I read what's related by that website. But what stands out to me the most is the one undisputed fact found in the 2005 incident is that the interview was not taped. Meaning, we have absolutely nothing to reference except word-of-mouth and conflicting statements.

What a headache.

Frankly, if we must pick on Greg Mitchell and Toot n' Totum, I'd rather base it on the startlingly marked-up prices of items in his stores, rather than a hotly disputed statement that may or may not have been taken out of context way back in 2005.

It just seems disingenuous to castigate someone today for something they supposedly said two decades ago. Things change. People change. The world is a different place. That's life.

But that's just me. I leave all this up to you to draw your own conclusions, dear readers.

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