So the other day I was just driving down Soncy and minding my own business. I had plans to stop by Kohl's then many grab my dog, Chipper, something from PetSmart. When out of my eye I saw this banner.

Now I know a banner up does not necessarily mean anything. I'm speaking to you In-N-Out Burger. Yeah, we remember that fiasco. I have a message out to their Corporate Office and am waiting for a reply back. So until I hear back I will remain skeptical. The sign is in a prominent shopping center. I feel someone would have noticed if it was not supposed to be there. The In-N-Out sign lasted a day.

My worry is that on the website under locations it doesn't say anything about a Five Below coming to Amarillo. Though with covid-19 it may be a bit behind.There is a sign for now.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

If this is for real. I checked out their website and it looks pretty cool. Everything in the store is, as the name says, $5 and below. The quality of the items seems pretty high. So this is a dollar store but on steroids.

Check out the website for yourself HERE.  They have everything you could possibly be looking for. There are tech items like headphones and iPhone charges. Both of those make me happy. I feel I go through enough of both. They even have wireless headphones. If you are looking for workout gear this may become your go to place with prices like these.

Just to not be called out they do have a section called $5 and beyond if you are looking for something a little bit more. For the most part everything is $5 and below like the name implies. I have never heard of this place until I saw the sign and looked it up online.

I hope it really is coming here to Amarillo. I will update when I get an answer.So far my email to customer service got a response telling me to email Public Relations. Usually they know more about new openings. So I am waiting for confirmation. If not, and now that I know about it, I see they do have one in the city my daughter lives in. So maybe a road trip so I can check it out? Sounds like a plan.


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