In a time when things are tough not just for individuals, but businesses as well, it's good to see someone doing some good.

Financially, it's one of the hardest times we've seen in recent memory in America. COVID put a dent in a lot of people, and corporations as well. Charities have most definitely suffered at the hands of it as well.

Well, a big shout out to Texas Mutual Insurance Company for stepping up to the plate. They just dropped $40,000 on Ronald McDonald House Charities of Amarillo.

If you don't know what the Ronald McDonald House Charities does, allow me to explain.

The charity provides temporary housing for families whose kids are getting treatment for serious illnesses here at Amarillo hospitals. Rather than having to pay for a hotel for an extended period of time, or worse, sleep in the hospital room with their child, they provide a private bedroom and bathroom for families so they can get that much-needed rest.

Inside the house is a centralized kitchen they can use, a dining room, a living room/play area ad a laundry area so they can stay up on that.

Texas Mutual meanwhile has donated over $3 million in grant money to different charity organizations across the state in 2022 alone.

Texas Mutual community affairs manager Jackie Sekiguchi told NewsChannel 10, “The last couple of years have illuminated challenges for Texans. We’re proud to provide these grants to organizations that are committed to prioritizing working families, and we know this funding will go a long way in continuing these efforts for years to come.”

No word on the exact nature the grant will be used for, but no doubt it will help the charity continue to provide these services for families.

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