I heard about this group of women on Facebook whose goal is to spread love, happiness, and booze. It’s almost too good to be true.  But how does it work?  Booze Fairies drop booze at each other’s doorstep, asking them to pay it forward.

One afternoon you’re sitting at home watching Netflix then the doorbell rings, but no one is at the door or maybe you see someone quickly walking away. You find a basket of booze, mixers or wine, and even snacks at your doorstep. You’ve just been “dusted” by the Amarillo Booze Fairies. Once you’ve been boozed, let others have a chance. Pay it forward & booze someone else. Ding Dong and Surprise!

The Amarillo women’s Booze Fairy group is organized by Liz, Kenja, Selena, Juanita, and Sarah. Women in the Amarillo area who are over 21 are encouraged to join the group. Boozing isn’t just about alcohol it’s really about spreading love. If you don’t drink alcohol, you’re still welcome. To join the Amarillo Booze Fairies group click here.  Men are not allowed in the group, but there is a Men's Booze Group for Amarillo called the Amarillo Booze Bro's.

Another Amarillo group started by Amanda McDonnell and Candace Babcock didn't want the kiddos left out, formed the Amarillo Juice Fairies.  Another group where you can “dust” kids with coloring books, art supplies, juice boxes, and anything that a kid would love!

I think this is a great thing to do, spreading love and booze and paying it forward. 2020 isn't all that bad, as long as the Amarillo Booze Fairies are around.

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