Why didn’t I think about this? Amarillo has a new mobile bar called The Hazyhop that will debut in Canyon Saturday from 10am to 1 pm at Buenos Dias on 23rd street. The brunch bash will have food and also mimosas and sangria.

It didn’t take long for the food truck craze to catch on, now the latest thing is the mobile bar truck or trailer. Many entrepreneurs are setting up mobile bar businesses. These are essentially bars to go. For a set price, event planners can bring the whole bar to the party. And because of the relative ease of setup, low startup costs, and a straightforward business plan, knowing how to value a mobile bar business can lead to smart investment from a savvy business owner.


A mobile bartending business is a great move to make. Unlike a traditional bar, a mobile bar won’t have the slow nights of bad business.  Mobile bars are usually hired for large events, like corporate gatherings, weddings, or festivals, owners can be sure that instead of trying to get the crowds into the bar, they’ll be taking their bar straight to the crowds. That’s a win win.

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