Great news for high school graduates planning on staying in Amarillo and attending AC or WTAMU.  You are staying in an area with the less amount of student debt.

Our friends at conducted a study on student debt and found that Amarillo is in the 17% percentile in the country for student debt.   That means student debt is relatively low.

The median student debt in Amarillo is $14, 358.  The median income of Bachelor Degree holder in Amarillo is $48,151.  The ratio of student debt to median earnings of Bachelor’s Degree Holders is 29.82%.

Lubbock is in the 76% for student debt.  That's a lot of student debt.

Source: Wallethub

Amarillo is a great city and we have great places in the area to further your education.  The great news is, you'll be able to get a higher education in this area with less student debt.

Also found in this study:

42% of students say credit card debt worries them more than student loan debt.

63% of college students say their school is not doing enough to educate them about personal finance.

1 in 3 college students think they’ll be worse off financially than their parents.

1 in 4 students say excellent credit is worth more than a college degree.

For more information on this study click here.

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