I have to admit, when I read the announcement it made me smile. Not because I'm against the press conferences or the report card. I'm actually really appreciative of everyone who had a hand in keeping them going for so long.

I smiled because it feels like it is a big confirmation that things have been getting better, are better, and will keep on being better.

Changes to Amarillo COVID-19 Press Conferences and Report Card

In case you missed it, the City of Amarillo announced today that starting tomorrow (5/20/21), the bi-weekly press conferences will be held on an as-needed basis. The report cards will officially be going away starting Monday (5/24/21).

One of the big reasons I kept checking the daily report card was to see a post from a person named Canon. They have been breaking down numbers and stats since last year, and I am really grateful for the work that was put into getting those percentages and stats together.

Sad Day for the Trolls

The people I feel the saddest for are the ones who spent the past year trolling. Now that these daily posts are going away, they're going to have to find another place to get attention.

I wish you luck in finding new material.

You Can Still See the Daily Numbers

For the rest of us, it almost feels like a celebratory moment. If you still feel a need to check numbers on a regular basis, you can still do so by visiting the Amarillo Covid-19 Dashboard. Here is a link for you to bookmark. Click here.

Now, I'm wondering what the City will be posting in that slot at 2:30 PM everyday.

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