With the widespread of COVID-19 in the Texas panhandle Amarillo Mayor Ginger Nelson in her speech Monday stated that restaurants and businesses should consider doing cashless transactions.

As restaurants see dramatic drops in sales or even closure amid the COVID-19 pandemic, some businesses are encouraging customers to pay with credit or debit card and payment apps like Venmo, while others are introducing no cash policies to limit the exchange of germs during transactions.

Today I confirmed with one of my go-to lunch spots here in Amarillo, Chop Chop by phone with Jamie that in fact they are not accepting any cash transactions in order to lessen the chance of spreading the novel coronavirus locally. Good idea.

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The CDC says that money carries germs and is not exempt from carrying the COVID-19 virus. The U.S. government has procedures in place for currency that has been contaminated due to exposure to mold-forming liquids, sewage, certain chemicals, tear gas, bioterrorists agents and exposure to blood, urine, feces or any other bodily fluids, including removal from any body cavity, corpse or animal. You can read the article by clicking here. After you’re done, wash your hands.

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