Many families and individuals in Amarillo have or know someone that lives with a disability.  These families and individuals deal daily with the stress and financial struggle of living with a disability.   However, Amarillo is one of the best cities in the US for those who are disabled.

WalletHub conducted a study to determine the best cities in the US for those who do have a disability.   While keeping the  the physical and economic challenges of managing a disability in mind, they compared more than 180 most populated cities across 31 key indicators of disability-friendliness. Some of those key factors included physicians per capita to rate of workers with disabilities to park accessibility.

The best city in the US for those with disabilities is Overland Park, KS.  While the worst in the study was New Haven, CT.

Amarillo was ranked at #59. Our friends down the road, Lubbock ranked #66.

Looking at Texas, Laredo was ranked #1 in the country for lowest cost of living for those with disabilities, as well as lowest cost doctor visits and lowest annual cost of in-home services.  When looking at their overall rank they were #121.

Hopefully someday we live in a country where healthcare isn't exuberantly expensive and all cities will have access to amazing care for those with disabilities.

Source: WalletHub

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