No, seriously. If one begins craving Jack's amazing tacos, one must drive to ABQ, Wichita Falls, or Midland. Or Dallas, or OKC. How did it happen that the panhandle got ignored? Dunno. Abilene had one but it's gone. Lubbock had 4, lost them all, and are getting them back.

I understand there no shortage of places to score a burger in Amarillo. Darn fine ones, I might add. What if it's tacos you crave? The usual fare is here, but sometimes on Jack's tacos will do. Most of us have had WhatABurger's taquitos at various time of the day and night. While Amarillo doesn't have an Allsup's, you can get to one, in less than 15 minutes, if needed and the burrito craving can be satisfied.

But, Jack In The Box, remains elusive to panhandle folks and I've never heard a real reason why. I get Lubbock, with that big college and all, but Midland? Why them and not us? Odessa gets two? Really?

I've eaten Jack's tacos all over Texas. In California, I've passed up several In & Outs, to dine with Jack. According to Jack's website, there are 2,239 locations nationwide. Even Guam has one. Texas alone, has 602 of them. There is one in Harlingen, when you can stand in a certain place, and see another Jack location across the freeway.

Amarillo has been getting some very nice new places as of late, but Jack eludes us still. How does Vidor have one? What do we need to do?  If the city commission wants my vote, bring me a Jack In The Box. There is a perfect space at Hillside & Bell. Or even better, Canyon E-Way & Bell, so I could walk to it.

Amarillo! Stand up! Insist on at least one Jack In The Box. Buda, Texas has one along with the Salt Lick. That's just not fair.


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