If you're in Amarillo, Texas, and you're thinking about getting a pet this holiday season, there's an event coming up you need to have on your calendar. It's a chance for you to give a four-legged friend the best Christmas gift they'll ever receive. It will also be a gift that will reward you with a lot of love.

Amarillo Animal Management & Welfare Adoption Event

The event is going to be from 12 pm to 3 pm on Saturday, December 16. It's going to be held at Pet Supplies, 5807 SW 45th Ave Ste 220. According to information in a post on social media, adoption fees will be $35. They include spay/neuter, microchip, and vaccinations.

If you've been thinking of getting a pet, there are plenty of animals that would love to find their forever home with you.

Visit The Amarillo Animal Management & Welfare Website For Pets For Adoption

When you visit the website for Amarillo Animal Management & Welfare, you can see the animals available for adoption. The pictures will yank as hard as they can on your heartstrings.

I spent too long looking at the photos of adorable dogs looking for a forever home, and now I'm debating on adding a member to my family.

Make Sure You're Ready For The Responsibility

Giving a pet for Christmas is a long-standing tradition, but that doesn't mean it's a good one. It's one that most people don't give enough thought to before making it.

A pet is a huge responsibility. These animals will become attached to you, and you to them. They become a part of your family. They'll need to be looked after, cared for, and loved. To give one to someone who isn't ready for that commitment, or to bring one into your home unprepared isn't fair to anyone involved. That includes the animal.

If you've given it plenty of thought, and you've decided now is the time, check out this adoption event on Dec 16.

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