I can't believe I'm typing this, but in all truth and seriousness there's little better than a good barn cat. Years ago when I lived out in the middle of nowhere, I had a fantastic mouser that was the bane of any rodent that dared get near my property. Barn cats are fantastic at their job.

If you need a barn cat, I know how you can get one in Amarillo and not have to pay fees.

No Adoption Fee For Barn Cats In Amarillo

I came across an interesting little bit of info posted by the City of Amarillo recently in regards to barn cats. According to the post, you can adopt one and there's no adoption fee involved.

While a fair majority of barn cats are "technically" adopted without a fee, they just show up sometimes and never leave, they usually aren't vaccinated, fixed, and microchipped.

That's not a bad deal at all. Especially if you get one that's excellent at keeping the mice at bay.

Get Your Name On The List

It's a pretty straightforward process. You contact Animal Management and Welfare, get on the list, and when they get a barn cat you get a call.

They also pointed out a couple of really good points about adopting a barn cat that I didn't immediately think about.

It's environmentally friendly. Controlling "pests" on your own can usually mean getting some harmful chemicals involved. That's dangerous for other animals, and for small kids. Also, as I've learned from my own experience, traps can hurt when you aren't paying attention and stumble upon one.

Another bonus is that it houses cats that aren't suited for indoor living. Last thing you want is your sweet elderly Aunt Mabel trying to tame an outdoor cat so she has someone to watch reruns of Golden Girls with.

You can reach out to the city about the barn cat program by emailing animals@amarillo.gov.

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