If you are planning on having a few adult beverages and celebrating your 4th of July holiday next week, then make plans to have a designated driver behind the wheel of your vehicle because the Amarillo Police Department will be cracking down on drunk driving.


Starting this week through next Sunday, July 7th, the APD will be focusing on impaired drivers.  The 4th of July holiday is the deadliest holiday on Texas roads.

According to the APD:

On average there is an alcohol-related crash in Texas every 20 minutes. Last year, 1170 people were killed on Texas roads in alcohol-related crashes, and more than 9400 were seriously injured.

So use common sense this 4th of July holiday season and if you drink don't drive.  If you drink and have to go somewhere make sure you have someone sober in your group who will drive.

The legal limit in Texas is .08 breath/blood alcohol concentration (BAC), however, if you are stopped and the officer sees that you are impaired, you can still be ticketed or arrested regardless of your BAC.

Be safe and have fun this holiday season.

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