It looks like phone scammers aren't reading the news, and don't know the government has shut down. The Amarillo Police Department, is warning citizens about a new scam, that involves the DEA.

Officials said people have received calls from someone claiming to be the DEA. The caller claims the person is wanted and asks for I.D. information, including a social security number. APD reached out to our local DEA office, and confirmed, this is another scam.

Our local DEA office stated they will not call citizens about ongoing investigations and they will not ask for identifying information over the phone. They said if they need to talk to someone, they will go out in person and make contact with that person.

Amarillo Police remind you that if you ever get a phone call like this, always verify the source before you give any information.

If you have any questions, contact the Amarillo PD Crime Prevention unit at 806-378-4257.

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