The United Way of Amarillo and Canyon serves many things here in our community.  Coming up they are talking with our local teens to help build a better community and world.  

Large group of Students in lecture room
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On October 31st over 800 youth from middle school through high school will get to learn all about the needs of our Amarillo and Canyon community.  They will get to learn how they as individuals and groups can make a difference.

Over 18 buses will deliver these teenagers to different facilities and they will get to learn about over 30 different programs that the United Way funds.


If you would like to learn more about the program call 806-376-6359.

The United Way of Amarillo and Canyon:

We fight for the Health, Education and Financial Stability of every person in our community. We work to change lives forever in Amarillo & Canyon. We tackle tough issues that make a lasting difference and create opportunities for greatness – like helping children succeed in school and prepare for careers, providing support to get people back to work and creating a culture where people choose a healthy lifestyle.

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