Randall County has reported that the President of the Amarillo Activity Youth Center, Matthew Walter Hite, has been arrested. Hite has been charged for Indecency and Sexual Contact with a Child and Solicitation to Commit Indecency with a Child after an incident in early June of 2000.

His bond has been set for $50,000.


About the AAYC from Facebook:

AAYC. Serving the youth and their families in since 2007.

Our Goals

  1. Create programs that foster good citizenship and morals in the youth of Amarillo through the use of adult volunteers and donations
  2. Provide opportunities for the youth and families of Amarillo to grow and become more successful
  3. Provide a place for our youth to relax, off the street in a safe, healthy environment.

A volunteer board of men and women drive the AAYC providing leadership, experience and guidance to fulfil the mission, visions and goals of the AAYC. Our Board of Directors is created from people of all walks of life who have the desire to see young men and women in the Amarillo Community grow and become good citizens in our community. We are always seeks new board members that are compelled to help with our cause.

Executive Director: Matthew Hite

Vice-President: Dave Black (Also Scoutmaster)

Childcare Director: LaRue Hite (also Secretary)

Assist Childcare Director: Victoria Conoley 

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