Have you ever had one of those conversations where you find yourself thinking or saying "what a small world."  This is one of those instances where it is a small world, a small wonderful, giving world.  Today we get to talk about Buster Foster and his miracle.

Buster Foster is the owner of Buzula's Furniture, he has been a business owner and a resident of Amarillo most of his life.  Buster is the type of man who would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it.  He is a very caring individual who has seen his share of medical issues in his lifetime.   Last February we shared with you how Buster needed a kidney and was asking for help.  He was asking for a miracle.  He needed someone to donate a kidney so that he could live.

Since Buster's letter in February he had many people come forward to help and even a few who were a match, but unfortunately, due to other circumstances were not able to donate their kidney.

But, a miracle happened and that miracle is Kristi Vaughn.  Kristi is donating her kidney to Buster.

Here's where the "what a small world" comes into the story.

Buster is a avid supporter of the Coffee Memorial Blood Center and has been for a very long time, because he knows the importance of Blood Donation.  Blood donation helped save his life.

Kristi also knows the importance of blood donation and organ donation because her nephew, Harley Green, is a blood and organ recipient.  Kristi knows the importance of both and that is why she signed up to see if she would be a match for Buster.  As luck would have it, or shall I say, as a miracle Kristi was a match and everything fell into place.

They are both scheduled for surgery in Dallas tomorrow, December 5th.  Buster will have to stay in Dallas for a few months, Kristi for a few weeks.

You have the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful story and show your support for both Buster and Kristi.

The Coffee Memorial Blood Center will be hosting a blood drive in honor of both Buster and Kristi.  Join CMBC on Tuesday, December 11th from 9am-7pm at the Coffee Memorial Blood Center at 7500 Wallace Blvd.  Stop in and give the gift of life.  You will also be able to send them both messages of encouragement, hope and prayers with handwritten cards.  By donating blood that day you are becoming a part of "what a small world," by saving another person's life.

Oh and you'll get some other goodies as well including a long-sleeved holiday shirt, a gallon of milk from Plains Dairy.   Plus, for every donor on Tuesday, a $10 Visa gift card will be included in each handwritten note to Buster and Krisiti to help out both families.

One of Buster's wishes is to have over 100 units of blood drawn at one of his blood drives and he has hosted many over the years.  Let's make this wish of Buster's happen, come give the gift of life on Tuesday, December 11th.



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