Thank you for making my trip to work SO much better. OK.....I take a daily drive into Downtown Amarillo for one of my other jobs. We always joke how horrible this one part of our commute is for our cars. I'm talking about travelling East on I-40.

As you take exit 70 to head Downtown you have the option of heading to Canyon or continuing on Downtown. Once you make the decision to go Downtown there are still two lanes you can travel in. One you end up taking it to Buchanan and on to Hodgetown or the Civic Center. If you stay in the left you head towards Taylor Street and my final destination.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
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Inevitably in that left lane there is this one massive raised up area in the road that you can't help but hit. Oh and you hit it hard. I always expected to cause some kind of damage to my car. It had even become a topic at work. We try to remember about it but usually it is too late All of a sudden a big bump and I think my poor tires.

A couple weeks ago I see that they closed part of the way heading into Downtown. At first I thought they closed the whole exit to Downtown but it was just the left side. I thought nothing of it once I realized I could still make it to work. The next day they closed the exit off of I-40 Exchange that goes to 26th....not the Exit for the Canyon E-Way.

Then it happened! I drove to work and was able to take my normal way to my job Downtown only there was a difference. A Huge difference. NO big bump anymore. I could see where they actually patched the area. It is SO nice now. I thank you from the bottom of my heart but more importantly my tires thank you too!


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