Ok seriously, if you are a big enough jerk to try to steal a garden gnome, you deserve what you get.

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This is precisely what happened this weekend, when a person, decided to try and steal a garden gnome off someone's porch.

Let me paint a picture for you. A little garden gnome sitting on a porch, surrounded by some cute plants and flowers. Mr. Gnome was minding his own business, when some idiot jumps out of the car, darts across the lawn, snatches the gnome, and--BOOM!

Mr Gnome was chained to the porch....probably to deter theft. Hmph.

Chaos ensues. The failed thief loses his hat. He grabs the hat. Eh, it's a little bit like watching a panicked and wet cat scrabble away from a lost cause.

I do love to see a thief flee without any goodies in tow.

Who steals a garden gnome? And fails at it? Eh. I'm sure their mother might love them someday....but probably not today.

I'm pretty sure it's bad luck to steal a garden gnome, anyhoo.

But ah, We love to see video proof of failures like these!

Mr. Gnome: 1

Weird Little Wimpy Thief: 0

The moral of this story is, be a good person...Now, where can I find garden gnome statues in this particular size? All the ones I see are just so *smoll*.

I'll love him and name him George the Garden Gnome <3

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