There have been a lot of scams going around. Why people take the time to create such issues. Especially because I feel most of them shouldn't be fallen for. Maybe it is because some of the time people actually fall victim.

The one I received recently made me chuckle a bit. First of all it was an email I received. A lot of times that is the first red flag. This was for a speeding ticket. OK, so sometimes you do receive those but never by email. Usually if you get one that you are not actually pulled over from it will come via US Mail. Yes, I know because I have received one before. I am looking at you Payson, Arizona.

Even those are not really speeding tickets. They can't arrest you for it. They are kind of like red light cameras. They are a actually a civil debt. So don't worry. The fact that I got this email made me question many things.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TS Email Account
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TS Email Account

So, apparently I drove negligent in Greenwich, CT. I have never been to Greenwich, CT. There is a case number but no offense date. Another red flag. Of course their main goal is to get me to click on the "Photo Proof". This supposed photo proof number doesn't even match my case number.

The way they really hope that they can get me to click on the link that they are wanting me to click on is the amount due. Who would not panic at an almost $900 ticket?

So what did I do with this so-called ticket? I just hit delete and went on my day. Whatever you do....don't click on that photo proof. That is what they want you to do. They are wanting to either take over your computer or spam you in some other way.

So just go ahead and delete it like I did. Unless you have been to Greeenwich, CT, recently. Oh, and I am pretty sure you have not.

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