Okay, kitty litter is not an exciting item to shop for. I know this, but if you have a cat it is a fact of life. You need this stuff.

I've tried it all. Never found one that I really loved. I did see on Facebook an ad for  Pretty Litter. The concept seemed neat. The litter "absorbs the moisture"...it doesn't clump (I hate that stuff) so I ordered it. I really liked the product but thought for $21 a month it was kind of on the expensive side.

One day I was shopping at Walmart and saw this product called Mimi Litter. It basically looked like the same litter as Pretty Litter except is was A LOT cheaper. I think it was about $5 per bag and still lasted the same time-frame. One month! So I started buying it.

If I was in the store I bought some to keep at home and have it ready for the next month to change out. Then the dreaded happened! I tell you this happens to me ALL the time!  I went to Walmart and there was none on the shelf!

I went online to walmart.com and bought like 9 bags to have stockpiled. I am down to my last 2 bags. They have since stopped selling it online as well. Why? Why does this always happen to me?

I could go back to Pretty Litter but again going from $5 a month to $21 a month just seems a little excessive.

So I am on the hunt for new kitty litter that does not clump and doesn't get all over my floor or STINK!

I may have found one. To Be Continued...

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