What do you do? When your cat needs her own place? I mean where the dogs can't get to her litter box or food.

I have 2 dogs and a cat. The dogs stay outside all day while I am at work. I feel my cat, Twilight, is a bit jealous of that. I let her out some. Only, though, if I am home. I am afraid she will escape my back yard and well.....she is declawed. So that would not be good for her.

The dogs can't escape because when I moved in I had a new fence put in that was put on top of about a half foot of concrete. My dogs are diggers and I wanted to keep them safe.

Here I am with a cat that if left to her own devices would sleep all day. My dogs? Well they would love to not only eat all of Twilight's food BUT play in her litter box. Yep that apparently is fun! To whom? Well certainly not me who finds the treasures they bring out.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

When I lived in my old house I left Twilight's food and litter box in a bedroom in the basement. The dogs couldn't get to it because I would put up something to block the staircase. The cat could get over it but the dogs could not. It worked well.

I moved a couple years ago. I wanted to downsize. So with that move came a smaller home with only one floor. With that I had to find a way to keep the dogs away from the cat food and litter box.

I searched online for a pretty long time. I needed a solution. One that would really work. Then came Pinterest to save the day!

They had a product called the cathole. Yep, basically a doorway that the cat could get through but the dogs, to their sadness, could not.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

The laundry room was the best place to keep it. The cat could enjoy her food all by herself!

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

So my animals can live in peace. As much as my dogs think that they and my cat are one in the same. They are not! My cat doesn't really like the dogs messing with her stuff.

Have you ever had to do something like this to keep your animals living in tranquility?