So I wrote yesterday about my favorite kitty litter was discontinued. So frustrating. So I had been on the hunt for a new litter for Twilight.

I really hate the clumping litter, it ends up stinking and thrown all over the floor. I find it annoying. I loved the Mimi Litter I had been buying but it's no longer.

So I started researching. I didn't want to waste the money on a self cleaning litter box. I am a bit on the frugal side. I don't like to spend a lot of money on items like that.

I did find this Breeze litter system. It comes with a litter box....with a removable pan in the bottom of the box. The pan slides out. You put a pad in that pan that collects the "moisture".

You pour the pellets inside the litter box. You remove the solid waste and replace the pad once a week. You can even take the pan and rotate it so that it lasts a little longer. You are supposed to replace the pellets once a month.

I bought the litter box, a month of pellets and pads for about $32. Now to replenish the pads and pellets each month it is under $20. I can run to Walmart or Target or have them delivered to my house.

I'm still in the testing mode but seem to like it so far. It doesn't stink and my cat doesn't sling the pellets all over the floor which is a plus.

Do you have a certain litter you like to use for your cat? Let me know!

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