I'm a mom. I know I love products that make my life easier. I also love to share the stuff that I find out are AMAZING!

If you have an air fryer you already know how fantastic it is. It is right up there with the Instant Pot. It makes life easier. It makes healthier meals. It keeps you from turning on the oven and heating up your house. That is really important as we make our way into summer.

I didn't receive this as a Mother's Day gift because I just couldn't wait unit Mother's Day to get one. I love food that is fried. Don't you? The problem is how unhealthy it is for you. So I feel guilty anytime I eat anything that loaded with oil and cholesterol.

The air fryer is a life changer. I can have crispy food with no oil. I cook all sorts of stuff in my air fryer. This past Lent I loved cooking catfish in it! You can bread it and cook it. Or like I do I just throw the catfish in as is. It is fabulous.

I have also found myself throwing in a hamburger patty and french fries in at one time. Love it! The air fryer makes THE best french fries. You can buy the frozen ones or do like I do. I just cut up a potato and throw them in with the hamburger. A great dinner in one step.

There are several things you can make in the air fryer. Wings are another one of my favorites. The air fryer makes them fast and delicious. I have made steaks in it as well.

The air fryer also has a huge following on Facebook with great recipes and tips as well.

So if you are one of those who have a hard time deciding what to get your mom or wife for Mother's Day you can't go wrong with an air fryer. Anything that makes cooking easier is great for that important person in your life.

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