I know there are days your alarm clock goes off and you just can't find a way to make yourself get up and go to work. There are even some days we are tempted to take a fake sick day.

It's not something that I recommend. I know it's tough to will yourself the ability to get up and make it 8 or more hours before you crawl back in to bed. According to a new survey there are days that as a whole we plan to take a fake sick day. Would it surprise you at all that most of the days people choose happen to fall on a Monday.

Those are the hardest days to get through anyway so it makes sense. Here are some of the top days that people fake call in sick. How about the day after Christmas? If you didn't already plan to use a vacation day for it there is a good chance you were <cough, cough> sick.

The other days that are on the list are as follows:

  • The Monday after Easter.
  • The Day after New Years Day.
  • The Monday after Mother's Day (I don't understand  that one though)
  • The first Monday after the 4th of July.
  • The Monday after St. Patrick's Day.
  • A random Monday just before Halloween.
  • The first Monday in June.

Some of these make sense.....a lot of these holiday's involve a lot of drinking by many. So they may be sick. Just not sick sick. The one day that sure did not make the list that really surprises the heck out of me.....is a day that is coming up soon. How did the day AFTER the Super Bowl not rank high? I feel A LOT of people fake call in sick that day.

Are there any other days that you think should have made this list? Comment below.

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