April Fool's Day can be particularly brutal if you live in Amarillo.

Nobody likes to be pranked, unless the end result is something nice. Most of the time, people are offended or embarrassed by pranks.

In fact, April Fool's Day has been associated with several controversial hoaxes, like the common, "I'm pregnant!" announcement.

However, these pranks are harmless and all in good fun.

Here are some ideas for pranking someone from Amarillo.

  • Switch Someone's Sweet Tea With Regular Tea

    Sweet tea is like water to the people of Amarillo. Everyone knows what to expect from that first sip. Can you imagine the look on someone's face when regular tea hits their tongue? Hilarious.

  • Tell Someone It's Not Windy Outside

    This one is a little more cruel, since the wind in Amarillo can get up to 65 mph easily. People get really excited when it's not windy outside because it happens so rarely. This is basically just an easy way to ruin someone's day.

  • Convince Someone That Soncy Will Be Closed at 5 p.m. So They'll Have To Take Coulter

    Soncy is a blessing to the roadways of Amarillo, because the traffic hardly ever backs up. However, just one street over, Coulter is continuously delayed. The traffic moves at about 5 mph, especially at 5 p.m. when everyone and their mothers are trying to get home. This also works for Bell.

  • Put an Amarillo High Bumper Sticker On A Tascosa High Student/Parent's Car

    The rivalry between Amarillo High and Tascosa can be pretty intense. Each school loves to show their pride, so by giving people the impression that someone from one school actually likes the other would be a great prank.

  • Take Someone To Dinner At the Best Place In Amarillo, But Actually Go To The Big Texan

    People who actually live in Amarillo don't frequent The Big Texan too often. It's much more of a tourist trap than a local favorite. So by tempting a friend with the offer of a delicious dinner at an Amarillo restaurant and then providing them with a massive chicken fried steak from The Big Texan is the perfect prank.

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