April Fool's Day is coming up tomorrow, and I like to have fun, but sometimes pranks can go too far or they are just distasteful.

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I am by far no stick in the mud, but April Fool's is a day I hate.   It just brings the meanness out in people.

I remember one year I had a big meeting and I was dressed nice, and my hair done up.  I was using the breakroom sink and when I turned it on, I got drenched, because someone rigged the sprayer.

I was so angry.  I had to apologize for my appearance at my meeting.

It's not a day to be a jerk, and if you are planning on pranking people, please be aware of what you are doing.

In fact, here are things you shouldn't joke or prank about on April Fool's Day.

Pregnancy or Miscarriage

I have people I hold dear in my life and they are not able to have children or they have had miscarriages.   I can't imagine the sadness and longing they feel.  When they see people posting about their good news and expecting birth, it stings a little.  But to turn pregnancy or miscarriage into a joke or prank is never OK.


Relationships are a bond between two people.   Even joking that you're cheating can create a tear in that relationship and plant a seed of doubt.  If you're planning on doing this to your partner don't because the "what if" will always linger.

Any Kind of Prank that Could Hurt or Ruin Something

Just don't, don't.  If you wouldn't try it any other day of the year, don't do it on April Fool's.

No matter what jokes you plan or what innocent pranks you are planning to play on April Fool's Day.  Don't be a jerk.

I'm all for having fun and getting a good laugh, but not at someone else's expense.  Make this a day of fun, not a day of embarrassing.

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