The honest trend is blowing up, but are you laughing at it or taking it seriously?

Sarahah is an app which allows users to create an account and have friends or co-workers leave anonymous honest comments to the user.

Here's where I run into an issue with the app. If I had a teenager using this app, I would worry they would internalize and shut down from the hateful comments.

Let's be real, a majority of the time people comment on social media channels to say something negative or hateful. It's hard to build self-confidence and self-esteem in any person.

It's not that I'm saying never to critique or be honest with someone. There is a difference between being constructive and destructive.

There are some people who can take the opinions of others and more power to them. But there are some people who really take those words seriously. Not only that but it's disconnecting out social skills. Making it easier to steer away from confrontation, further losing the confidence to handle the public eye. Check out this article on why we need to socialize as a human race.

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