On Sunday one of the TV channels was running a Batman Movie Marathon. I wasn't paying close attention to it, but had it on as more of background noise. But, it did get me thinking about who was the best 'big bad' from the film franchise? Although it's tough to out Joker Jack Nicholson's prince of pranks, I gotta give it to Heath Ledger. He brought in an award winning performance. Where Nicholson took it 'over the top,' which is the way director Tim Burton played the whole movie, Ledger's version made the character more dark and threatening. There truly was a layer of fear underneath the latter's version.

Even though Adam West and Bert Ward reprise their roles from the 1966 TV show in  Batman: The Movie, I have decided to start with Michael Keaton's Batman and go all the way up to the present to the final film with Christian Bale.

So, with that said, here are villains that made the Dark Knight's life unbearable in Gotham City. Who was your favorite baddie?


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