The news came out recently that Baxter Black is not doing well. I saw the messages via Facebook recently. The more I looked into it the better the story seemed to get.

Amarillo Loves the Stories of Baxter Black

Baxter Black best known as a cowboy poet really made his mark in Amarillo. You could hear him and his stories on the radio. He was also featured in the Amarillo Globe News with his own column. Amarillo knows Baxter Black.

Yes, he is in hospice care but probably not the way you think. His son-in-law took to Facebook recently to clear the air. According to Will:

Friends, thanks for all the messages of prayers for my father in law, Baxter Black. Short answer is, Yes, he’s on “home hospice”. HOWEVER, this is not the “hospice” we’ve all known but is a once or twice a week visit from a home healthcare worker to just check on how he’s doing, etc. with some health issues. Baxter and Cindy Lou Logsdon Black visited us a couple days right after Christmas where he got to inspect his grandson’s first 4-H goat project. Not sure where all the confusion came from but at this time it’s not exactly what it sounds like. God bless y’all!

So this is good news. It looks like that he is doing a lot better than what we have all imagined. I still think we should keep him and his family in our thoughts. At least the news is better than what we first heard.

You can send well wishes to Baxter at his wife's email address:

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