It's no secret that the AQHA could be leaving Amarillo for greener pastures in Ft. Worth. It's been reported on a lot.

What I didn't expect was to find signs hanging from Yellow City's painted horses. They all say the same thing.

"Save The Horses."

I'm not entirely sure who the single individual is behind the signs, but the meaning is clear. They want the AQHA to stay in the panhandle.

I saw this sign last night while waiting on an order of cheddar peppers at Sonic on 34th. My 6 year old daughter had lots of questions about who was trying to hurt the horses, why they were wearing signs, and when would her fries be ready.

I wonder if a petition and some signs swinging from painted horses would be enough to change someone's mind involved in the decision making for the fate of the AQHA. I wonder if it's even got their attention.

Even if it doesn't change anything, hats off for making the signs and for giving my daughter some thought provoking reading material while she waited for her fries.

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