"I wanna go to the park"! That phrase has probably gotten a little rough feedback from some parents,but finding a 'good' playground in Amarillo can sometimes be a challenge. It seems that many times there is trash or more annoying, teenagers swarming the park playground. After scouring Amarillo, I came up with this list of places to go with you kiddos to have fun and really enjoy yourselves. Remember, the more places you take the time to visit, the more fun you and your children can have.

#1. Best Playground In Amarillo : Medi-Park

Medi Park Drive Amarillo, TX 79106

Medi park is one of Amarillo’s largest parks. This green, grassy park is in the heart of Amarillo’s medical district and is one of the only parks that surround water. Medi Park is a wonderful place to exercise, as it has a nice jogging path and plenty of shade provided by large trees. Medi Park has great playground equipment, small outdoor grills and picnic tables which makes it a great place for family fun and get-togethers. If you want a calm scenic afternoon outside, bring a lawn chair and prop it up by the lake. Be sure to bring a loaf of bread to feed the ducks. Medi Park is also conveniently placed directly west of the Don Harrington Discovery Center.

#2. Best Playground In Amarillo : Southeast park

2400 North Polk Street Amarillo, TX 79107-3125

Southeast Park is one of Amarillo’s largest parks with some of the largest, old trees around. This is a wonderfully shaded park that is located close to Ross Rogers Golf Course and the Amarillo Gun Club. The park also has a fairly good size 'lake' with a dock where you can fish, and believe it or not, there are actually some really good sized fish in there. Southeast Park has great playground equipment, small outdoor grills and covered picnic tables, which makes for an ideal place for parties or get-togethers. But, get there early as this is a popular place for family gatherings!

#3. Best Playground In Amarillo : Southwest Park

Amarillo, TX 79109

Southwest Park is a large park that differs from many in that it has a baseball field, soccer field, jogging paths, great play ground equipment and a Dog Park. Don’t let Amarillo’s leash laws prohibit your critter from frolicking and interacting with other dogs, take them to Southwest Park’s enclosed Dog Park. The park is located next to the Amarillo Tennis Center and the Amarillo Public Library. This park is vast and flat allowing lots of space to roam. You could easily fly a kite on a nice, breezy day.

#4. Best Playground In Amarillo : memorial park

2409 Anna Street Amarillo, TX 79106

Memorial park is a huge park located south of Amarillo College's Washington Street Campus.  With tennis courts, basket ball courts, volley ball courts, playground eqiupment and plenty of shade, this park is a perfect for just about anyone.  This is park is right in the heart of one of our city’s most historical area's with brick roads. Memorial Park even has a beautiful granite gazebo that you can reserve for weddings, quineanera's or just a family gathering. This park is perfect for young children and families. Bike, jog or fling the frisbee on this grassy green park and enjoy the shade of the large trees.

#5. Best Playground In Amarillo : Austin Park

Amarillo, TX 79109

Austin Park is close to center city, right across from Austin middle school. This is a great place for park-goers of all ages. You can jog, walk your pets, play frisbee or let the youngster play on the playground equipment. Since Austin Park is located close to Amarillo’s historical district it naturally has very large trees that provide plenty of shade. If you’re at the park at the right time you’ll be able to hear the beautiful bells chime at the church on the south side of the park.

So, what do you think? Did I miss your favorite park? Let me know in the comments below and I will touch back on them later!