Beyonce shows off her math skills in her song ’1+1.’ However, either her addition is erroneous or she made a verbal flub or mistake when she released her ‘Oh Baby‘ parody video, where she poked fun at the headlines about her pregnancy in the media. She repeated the phrase “Oh baby” in a deep voice, making us chuckle. She also patted her tummy, said that it’s Sept. 23 and that she was filming the ‘Countdown‘ video. She also said that she is six months pregnant.

Whoa, wait. Six months pregnant in September? But she said she is due in late winter. That doesn’t quite add up.

Let’s do a little simple arithmetic.

Bey revealed she was pregnant in late August and then said she was due in February during the TV interview in which the authenticity of her baby bump was called into question. That would have made her around four months pregnant upon the big reveal.

But then in the ‘Oh Baby’ vid, she said she is six months pregnant. Was that a verbal flub? A mistake? The truth? Was Bey saying February to throw the media off her scent so she could give birth in peace? If she was six months preggers on Sep. 23, well that means that her first baby would be making its grand entrance into the world about three months from that time. That means Bey would be set to give birth around Christmas.

Still with us? We need an abacus, flow charts and a dry erase board to keep all this straight.

Whatever the case, poor Bey. Her pregnancy has been the source of so much speculation, from the questions about the prosthetic baby bump to the possibility that she is expecting sooner than she claimed.

Judging from recent photos of Bey, she looks closer to six months pregnant than eight. She doesn’t look like she is about to pop and she’s been promoting her ‘Live at Roseland: Elements of 4′ DVD, so she is still mobile and not taking it slow and staying off her feet as the birth looms.

It could go either way here.

Is Bey throwing us off the scent? Did she make a simple mistake in a fun video? Does she need a calculator?

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