I read people say time and time again how they are glad social media was not around when they were growing up. How things were so much easier before everything was documented. How your life was just not as simple anymore. You say the wrong thing and there are now records of it. You do something stupid and nobody will forget.

Wow watching my daughter be a mom to be is another case in point. The things that she is bombarded with. The more things she has to worry about because she can read it online. I now see how moms really have it easier but also have it a lot tougher.

Information is at your fingertips. That part is a blessing oh but wait it is also a curse. There are things that I never worried about while I was pregnant. There weren't things I thought I needed to run out and buy. I mean there are things moms now have to worry about.

There is and always has been the worry about SIDS. A child stopping breathing in the middle of the night. That has been a worry. We lost a lot of sleep waking up in the middle of the night just to check. My daughter found an item called Owlet that will wake her up if her child stops breathing or has a dip in her heartrate. That is pretty cool. She has that. One less worry and hopefully a little more time to sleep.

I never worried about all the stuff I needed after child birth. Stuff that everyone says you need. I get Tik Tok videos every day from my daughter about the stuff "they" say she needs. It's overwhelming to be a mom now. I get that she wants to have everything. I remind her that every pregnancy and baby is different.

She tells me about all these pacifiers. Sorry I told her she never liked taking a paci. Every baby is different. If you buy everything "they" say you need you will be broke. Oh and it's not only the products that can be overwhelming. How about having all kinds of medical information at your fingertips. That is crazy too. I am glad I didn't have the ability to look up my symptoms at any given time when I was pregnant. That would freak me out.

Kudos to all the moms to be and moms that have had the daunting task of figuring out what is real advice and what products you really need. There is a lot out there and a lot to overwhelm you even more.

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