The 15th season of 'Big Brother' has come to a close, and now that the housemates have been released from their voluntary removal from society, they know how many of the cast members have come across to the general public -- which, suffice to say, is racist.

In response, the cast members in question have begun to make official statements about this season's controversy. Besides racist comments, this season also included some creepy comments about child pornography and three cast members losing their jobs back home. Good work, guys.

First up in apologies comes the season's winner (SPOILERS!), Andy Herren, who got a brunt of the homophobic comments aimed at him -- but recently lost his job at a college for agreeing with GinaMarie Zimmerman who referred to their housemates as "biracial robots."

In response to the season's controversy, he said:

I’m really sorry that the season may be seen in a negative light. If anyone was offended, I certainly am sorry. There are a lot of wonderful people in the house, and I really hope all this doesn’t dampen the entire season.

Aaryn Gries, who claims she's not a racist but just from Texas had this to say for herself, which did nothing to get her job back from the modeling agency who canned her:

This has been a great learning experience for me. I have really grown a lot.

Amanda Zuckerman, who is reportedly still gainfully employed despite saying these things, apologized with the statement:

I am really sorry for anything I may have said that offended anybody. There was never any malicious intent by me or anybody else.

And finally, there's GinaMarie Zimmerman (who is no longer a pageant coordinator), saying:

I do apologize. That’s not me. Sometimes things were said out of anger. I’m Italian, and I have a big heart. I’m used to being around a lot of different races.

If the mood strikes you, you can place all your ironic slow claps here.

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