For those who aren't from around Amarillo, it might surprise you to know that Amarillo has a very strong, vibrant art community. Yellow City is home to writers, painters, poets, songwriters, name it. One of my first introductions to art in Amarillo, was Arts in the Sunset.

If you've been keeping up with the Institute over the years, you'll know that they've been under construction. Well, it looks like the new year is bringing fresh, new life for art in Amarillo.

Arts In The Sunset Renovations Nearing Completion

Check the Facebook page for the Amarillo Art Institute, or go to the website for Arts in the Sunset, and you'll get a sense of the excitement surrounding this staple of panhandle arts. A long journey is nearing its end.

I was there when the work began. My editor and I went and watched as crews were beginning the process of tearing down portions of the old building.

Now, it looks like the long wait will finally be over.

Classes Back In Session, Exhibitions On The Calendar

The Amarillo Art Institute is holding classes. An exhibition is slated for later this month. It's a retrospective look at the works of Dale Conner.

Seeing these updates is exciting. Especially when you consider this post that was published as part of a series looking back at 2022.

What is happening, and the progress that has been made, is very exciting for art in Amarillo.

The Finished Product Is Right Around The Corner, And Should Be Fantastic

In an update on the Arts in the Sunset website regarding the renovations, it sounds like everyone is starting to get settled. The Art Institute had to postpone classes while everything was being moved into place from their temporary home.

The homepage for Arts in the Sunset has several pictures of what we can expect to see once everything is done. The Facebook page Project Sunset is offering more updates regarding the construction.

Hopefully the construction will be finished this month, and we can all go see the new facility. I'm excited for what's to come.

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Beautiful Murals by Blank Spaces Found Around Amarillo

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